Instagram repost feature is coming
May 25, 2022

Instagram repost feature is coming

The social media sharing platform Instagram does not currently have a “Repost” feature. Other users who want to share the same can share the post via screenshot or story. For the repost process, it is necessary to use third-party applications. Although repost applications have lost their old popularity, Instagram plans to add this feature to its own structure. Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile application developer, shared details about the Instagram “Repost” feature in his statement on his Twitter account.

Judging by the details shared by Paluzzi, this feature will be placed in the options button on the top right of the posts and the post can be “Reposted” from this area. Reposted posts will not be placed in Instagram profile posts, but in a separate tab, such as the tab with tagged posts. It is not yet clear when the Instagram Repost feature will be activated, but it seems that this feature will gradually take its place on our devices soon.


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